MADAME VEUVE POINT succeeded in buying two fields near to the Solutré Rock in the heart of BURGUNDY, and these still form part of the family property today. She wanted them for her goats from whose milk MADAME VEUVE POINT made cheese for the family’s consumption and for the grape pickers. She picked wild thyme at Solutré for its medicinal virtues.

Her only son, Benoît, was known as Gaydou or Papy.

With his own hands Benoît prepared a wedding trousseau for his granddaughter Géraldine, (for when she grew up, as he put it) made up of embroidered tea towels and cotton bathroom towels. Simple, surprising and very touching



MADAME VEUVE POINT’s sewing machine
MADAME VEUVE POINT’s sewing machine


Benoît’s wife had a Pfaff sewing machine that had belonged to Jeanne-Marie, and did a lot of sewing, just like her mother-in-law.  And we discovered something extraordinary…a letter showing that a German sewing machine repair company had asked not to be paid by Benoit for their repairs, at least not in money, but rather in exchange for cartons of wine!